Will AI take your job?

Will AI take your job?

Wondering whether or not the expansion of artificial intelligence (AI) use in various industries could soon see machines take your job?

Indeed, there are reasons to worry. But those who continuously upgrade their skills and adapt to technological changes will remain relevant in the job market.
While it’s true that machines will replace many in a number of jobs, it is unlikely that all jobs will be affected.

Jobs that involve repetitive tasks or data entry are at high risk of being automated. This includes jobs such as factory workers, cashiers, and customer service representatives, among others.  Jobs that require creative thinking, emotional intelligence, and interpersonal skills are less likely to be replaced by AI. This includes jobs such as doctors, teachers, and social workers.However, it is important to note that the use of AI can also create new job opportunities.

For example, the development and implementation of AI systems require a team of highly skilled workers such as data scientists, software engineers, and AI researchers. Additionally, the use of AI can improve efficiency and productivity in many industries, leading to the creation of new job roles.

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